Wednesday, 14 August 2013


is our challenge here at Tando Creative Challenge blog for August...

today we have our Guest DT for the month joining us - Carol Fox -

Carol has created this stunning piece:- here is what Carol has to say:-

Hello, Carol here with a project for this months theme of “Turn up the heat” I decided to use the Cuckoo clock with an old barometer that I found in my draw. I themed the two sides of the clock face to the themes of hot and cold to fit in with the temperatures on the rim of the barometer face.

This is what I did.

·      I laid the top part of the clock over the back and drew inside the cut out parts that would be exposed once this was in place. I also drew inside the small door shape at the top.
·      Lay the barometer face onto the front bit with the recesses in it and draw round it, I then cut this out. Use this as a template to mark and cut out the corresponding area on the back piece.
·      Attach the separate roof part to the top part of the kit. Paint this with blue paint, also paint the small door area you marked on the large backing piece of the kit.
·      Using the cog mask and Grunge paste I added texture to the roof part and the part of the back that would be exposed by the door recess at the top of the clock.
·      I stuck patterned paper to the marked spaces on the clock back, and stamped and embossed butterflies and snowflakes as shown.
·      I now used Fresco crackle medium and Honeydew paint to create an aged appearance to the previously painted and grunged pieces of chipboard.
·      Once this was dry I used Treasure gold to highlight the texture and to just generally add a bit more of an aged look to the clock face.

·      I used the mask and grunge paste to add texture to my snowflakes. When this was dry I painted them blue, I wanted to add cream to them but as there was so much texture I decided not to crackle the paint, I just put a small spot of paint onto my craft mat, picked it up with a piece of cut and dry foam and applied it by gently dabbing it onto the blue snowflake, this just toned the blue down a little bit.  I finished them with treasure gold before gluing in place. 

I    I painted the butterflies in a similar way but used pink and blue paint for the base colour before adding the cream. I added extra wings to the butterflies by cutting the wings of one of each shape and adding these to the corresponding shapes once they were glued into position on the clock face.
·      I now glued my barometer into position in the recess I had previously cut.

I used

Cuckoo Clock
Butterfly Grab Bag
Pack of 5 Snowflakes
Mask: Cogs group

Thank you for your visit today,  Carol x


  1. Very beautiful piece Carol

    Love Chrissie x

  2. What a brilliant take on the theme! x

  3. What a lovely idea to have the hot and cold themed sides. A lovely practical piece

  4. Wow! This piece is so cool Carol! Brilliant design! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. So cleverly thought and made... That's very brilliant, I love both this fabulous idea to illustrate the theme, and the resulting clock !!! Thanks for the inspiration too ! x

  6. What a fabulous idea Carol, I love it - so creative!